Rise Up Alum Rock!
Rise Up Alum Rock!
It's time for positive change on the Alum Rock School Board!

We are committed to accountability and excellence in education!

Join us in ensuring a world-class education for every Alum Rock public school student.

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Our Mission

We’re parents, educators, taxpayers, and community leaders working together to end corruption, mismanagement, and disrespect on the Alum Rock Union School Board. We believe every Alum Rock student deserves a world-class education.

Our community has the right and the power to choose school board trustees who act with our kids’ best interests at heart and behave with decency and integrity. In the past, some Board Members have demonstrated a lack of transparency, put corporate interests above our students’ needs, silenced the voices of our community, and even threatened educators. Together, our community kept them from winning reelection in 2018.

It’s time for every member of the Alum Rock community to be a part of making sure we never return to a Board that takes away from our children’s future. Once Board Members have failed to earn the trust of our community, they have no future in the education of our students. Together, we can continue to restore community trust and put our kids first!

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Please plan to attend monthly ARUSD Board meetings. Being there is critical to holding the Board accountable to the community for putting our children first.

ARUSD Board Meeting Calendar


Alum Rock Union School District

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The role of the School Board

The decisions the Alum Rock Union School Board makes impact our future enormously. Poor Board governance in Alum Rock leaves our students without access to the safe school facilities and the world-class education every child deserves. There is no role that has a greater impact on the future of Alum Rock. To understand how poorly the ARUSD Board functions, it’s important to understand what a great school board looks like and the role they can play in lifting up the future of our community.


Who are Herrera, Tran, and Del Terra?

Khanh Tran and Esau Herrera have demonstrated a lack of transparency, alignment with corporate interests, the silencing of community voice, and threats against educators. CORRUPTION: Despite several independent audits, and downgraded bond ratings, voting records of both Tran and Herrera over the last two years, demonstrate that Del Terra Real Estate Services has a strong hold of power on Board governance and our funds. MISMANAGEMENT: Tran and Herrera have missed several critical Board meetings over the last two years; delaying critical fiscal oversight decisions. They have violated Board bylaws and the Brown Act. They have repeatedly threatened the Superintendent's tenure; a known whistle-blower against corruption in the District, causing an unstable work environment for ARUSD teachers and staff. POOR ROLE MODELING: Tran and Herrera's actions and decisions affect our students' education and District progress. Students, parents, taxpayers, and community members deserve more and it’s our right to demand it. Khanh Tran and Esau Herrera are violating our trust and wasting our tax dollars. They must be stopped!

“Grand jury urges three Alum Rock board trustees to resign

The report comes on the heels of a number of other investigations into the troubled district.”

San Jose Mercury News, June 2018


Esau Herrera

Under Herrera’s leadership, our District and Board:

  • have been investigated by the Santa Clara County Grand Jury, who called for Herrera, Tran, and Dolores Marquez to step down because of poor leadership

  • are under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • have had the County Superintendent of Education require an Extraordinary Audit by the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT), which called out a culture of micromanagement and harassment, an environment that has led to a revolving door of District staff. It also determined that fraud, misappropriation of funds, and other illegal activities may have occurred.

  • are currently under investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney regarding the results of the FCMAT audit

  • are under Congressional State Audit following a request by Assembly Member Ash Kalra and State Senator Jim Beall

  • have lost fiscal independence to the County Department of Education following a history of poor decision making by the Board and resistance to any positive change

At every step, the Board has fought every effort by outside agencies to help them provide better governance and correct the issues that threaten our schools.

In addition, Luis Rojas, Southern California CEO of Del Terra Real Estate and beneficiary of multiple contracts, has been donating to Herrera since 2008- years before they won the lucrative District contracts from the Board.

The results of these investigations and audits all agree: it’s time for a change of leadership on the ARUSD Board.


Khahn Tran

Tran’s short tenure on the Board is notable for his verbal attacks on his fellow Board members and on members of the community.

  • When a mother stood at the podium to share her fears for her child’s safety at school, Tran threatened to call the police to throw her out for running past her time.

  • His threats against the Superintendent, Dr. Hilaria Bauer, have led a judge to issue a restraining order banning him from contacting her.

  • Now he’s collecting a paycheck and benefits from taxpayer money and isn’t even allowed to attend meetings.


Del Terra Real Estate

This Southern California real estate contractor has made huge profits from the money our community approved for schools. First the Board gave them a contract for Construction management, then hired them to do Project Management- a role where they were paid to supervise themselves. Del Terra promises that Del Terra is not taking advantage of the District. They have donated large amounts of money to Herrera and to bond campaigns, ensuring they can win lucrative contracts for years to come.

Even the lawyer chosen by the Board has links to Del Terra. In 2013,  lawyer Maribel Medina was forced out by the El Rancho Unified School District in Southern California, after it was discovered that the contract she wrote for Del Terra included millions of dollars more in bond money than the school board had requested. She resigned before the board voted to terminate her contract.

Del Terra’s corruption wastes our taxpayer dollars and leaves our students and educators suffering the same problems year after year.


Get Involved

If you’re tired of the corruption, mismanagement, and disrespect on the Alum Rock School Board, join us! Here’s how you can get involved:


knock on doors!

Bring your friends and talk with your neighbors! Share a message of hope and change for the future of Alum Rock Schools, using our flyers to show people what’s happening on the ARUSD Board.

Make a few calls!

Every member of our call team increases the number of people we’re able to reach! Your work helps maximize the efforts of people on the ground. Making calls is easy- we’ll help with what to say and who to call.

Make a Donation!

Our mission is powered by people like you! Your donation in any amount helps us reach our community by printing materials, hosting events, and more! We also need in-kind donations of water and snacks for our canvassing teams.